Evaluation Tips To Make You A Contest Winner


Thanks to the 2007 District 36 Evaluation Speech Winner Christine Clapp and Author, Jeremey Donovan. Some great advice including that a speech evaluation must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Great suggestion that during the introduction you start off by thanking the speaker and saying something relevant, personal, and positive. That way you connect to the speaker and the audience that includes the judges! Great advice to know where the speaker is actually sitting when it comes time to evaluate her/him because last year this happened at the District 48 Evaluation Contest. A very experienced Toastmaster was left speaking to the wrong person when he didn’t know where the Test Speaker was sitting! Not entirely fair when subsequent contestants were told where he was sitting! I heartedly agree with making sure you win the 15 points for “In Summary” or “In Conclusion” “…call back to the positive detail you used during the introduction. Then, encourage the speaker to apply a relevant call-to-action related to the Toastmasters communication or leadership track.” I think this is some fantastic advice and honestly as someone who has won his Club Evaluation Contest I am tempted to hide this educational snippet until I win the entire District 48 Contest or I’m defeated along the way! But really the great lesson of Toastmasters is if you believe it is a Gift you become more fully engaged not when you achieve your personal DTM but when you help someone along the way. Who knows the Toastmaster who takes this advice to heart may be the one who evaluates one of my speeches in 2015 and then I’ve become the beneficiary of that learning.


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